Murder Is a Daily Occurrence in Liberal Chicago

Murder Is a Daily Occurrence in Liberal Chicago

( – The Windy City holds some of America’s most iconic views, an unmistakable skyline, and fascinating history. Since the infamous era of organized crime that culminated in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Chicago has continued to have a reputation for violence. The city, historically run by Liberals, now boasts a gruesome statistic: murders take place virtually every day. As the town known for some of the strictest gun control laws in the country descends into further chaos, an increasing number of innocent victims pay the price.

A Melting Pot of Death

The bulk of Chicago’s murders are shootings. Young black males are overwhelmingly the victims. The violence doesn’t discriminate, however, as the Chicago Sun-Times shows with a disturbing graphic, people of all races and across all age groups find themselves in danger, in nearly every section of the massive urban area.

All told, as of the writing of this article, Chicago sits at 150 murders on the 104th day of 2022. Seven of the dead were senior citizens, with the oldest being an 81-year-old black female. Fourteen of the victims were minors, with the youngest just 8-years-old. Of those killed, 86, or more than half, were between 18 and 35. It seems youth and guns definitely don’t mix on the banks of Lake Michigan.

No End in Sight

To get down to a single murder per day — even if murders in the city were to stop right now — it would take more than a month for time to catch up to the number of dead already on the books. Chicago’s liberal Democrat Mayor, Lori Lightfoot (D), continuously throws the same solutions at the problem, promising to be tougher on gangs and reinforcing social programs. An opinion piece in the Sun-Times points to an issue that isn’t as simple as high crime in rough parts of town. Retailers on pricey Michigan Avenue are fed up with break-ins and thefts.

Lightfoot’s big move, asking for help from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) is also more of the same, considering the agency has had an office in Chicagoland since Elliot Ness and Prohibition. ATF has a task force in the city attempting to crack down on illegal weapons smuggling.

Where to Go From Here

Officials in the city will certainly need to figure something out before the situation, which many might say is out of control already, becomes unsustainable for the people of America’s third-most populous city.

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