Multiple House Republicans Green Light Gun Control Measures

Multiple House Republicans Green Light Gun Control Measures

GOP BETRAYAL? — 10 House Republicans Side With Pelosi On Key Policy

( – On May 24, a shooter gunned down 19 students and 2 teachers in Uvalde, Texas. A week before that shooting, an alleged white supremacist killed 10 people at a Buffalo, New York supermarket. Since those shootings, there have been many others, driving the push for gun control. This time, it’s not just Democrats who are demanding stricter laws.

On June 8, the House passed the Protecting Our Kids Act on a mostly party-line vote. However, five Republicans joined their Democratic colleagues to vote in favor of the measure. The legislation will raise the minimum age to purchase a semi-automatic weapon from age 18 to 21. It also bans civilians from buying high-capacity magazines.

Republican Reps. Anthony Gonzalez (OH), Chris Jacobs (NY), Adam Kinzinger (IL), Fred Upton (MI), and Brian Fitzpatrick (PA) all voted for the measure. Kinzinger, Jacobs, and Gonzalez are not running for reelection, so they have no political capital to lose by supporting the legislation.

The legislation is now headed to the Senate where Republicans will likely block the legislation with a filibuster. Democrats just do not have enough support to get the 60 votes it needs to pass.

In addition to not having enough support, the provision to raise the age of purchase is likely unconstitutional. In May, the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled a California law raising the age violated the Second Amendment.

Do you support raising the purchase age for these guns?

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