MSNBC Host Says Cancel Culture Is “Out of Control” in Latest Whoopi Goldberg Scandal

MSNBC Host Says Cancel Culture Is

( – MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski is speaking up about the left’s decision to attack Whoopi Goldberg, controversial host of The View. Goldberg allegedly made comments about the Holocaust on the show’s January 31 episode, suggesting it wasn’t about race. The discussion prompted a firestorm of complaints from the public eventually leading to her suspension — a result Brzezinski calls unfair and “out of control.”

Goldberg’s Comments

Here’s the history and how it all went down.

Goldberg’s contentious comments occurred in the middle of a hot debate between “The View’s” hosts: was the Tennessee School Board’s recent decision to ban Art Spiegelman’s “Maus,” an illustrated children’s book detailing life in a concentration camp, right?

Or, did the school board go too far?

Whoopi opened up the conversation by revealing the school board faced a slew of complaints about “Maus” from parents, who disliked it because it contained nudity and a plethora of bad language. Joy Behar then accused parents of standing against history that “makes white people look bad.”

The conversation continued from there until another host expressed concern making the book required reading might cause children to become confused.

Whoopi fired back, imploring the hosts to be “truthful” and suggesting the Holocaust is “not about race,” but man’s inhumanity to all people instead.

A shocked Anna Navarro replied, “But it’s about white supremacy.”

“It’s two groups of white people,” Whoopi replied.

Complaints began to roll in shortly after the episode aired from virtually every angle. Even the Anti-Defamation League spoke up. Eventually, Goldberg was forced to apologize. The network opted to suspend her over the incident anyway.

Brzezinski Speaks Out About Cancel Culture

During the Wednesday, February 2 episode of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Brzezinski reacted to Goldberg’s contentious comments, suggesting cancel culture is “getting so out of hand.”

The network host first expressed dismay over Goldberg’s suspension but suggested the most productive debates often stem from such comments. She praised the fact that the incident will likely lead to learning opportunities for hosts and viewers alike, but then took issue with more negative aspects of the aftermath.

Brzezinski lamented the expansion of cancel culture, and reminded viewers Goldberg has a lengthy history of putting herself out there and refusing to back down to dissent.

“If you don’t know her heart, then you haven’t been watching,” she exclaimed.

Brzezinski believes the suspension is likely coming from some other unstated concern. She also calls it the worst punishment one can face in a public figure’s career — and highly ironic, given “The View’s” entire focus is on engaging in heated debates.

The MSNBC host finally expressed hope all sides would engage in forgiveness and use it as an opportunity to move forward. However, she also felt the situation was “headed in the wrong direction.”

Is Cancel Culture Out of Hand?

Goldberg isn’t the only person to suffer the effects of cancel culture in recent months. Well-known host Joe Rogan also found himself sanctioned for hosting debates over the validity of COVID-19 vaccines on Spotify. While the platform initially stood up for his presence, they later said they intended to place a misinformation warning on his content.

A slew of more left-leaning musicians pulled their music from the site’s offerings in response, prompting Spotify’s stocks to plummet by nearly $4 billion.

News media outlets also regularly face the reality of cancel culture, especially if they cover distinctly conservative topics. In early January, DirecTV removed well-known conservative media outlet One America News Network (OANN) from its offerings. Newsmax also regularly faces criticism for its reporting.

But the real question here is the potential reality of people using cancel culture to control narratives or opinions they don’t like. The fact that small groups of people can effectively erase someone’s entire career overnight based on a single incident is highly concerning. At best, it’s censorship. At worst, it’s outright manipulation.

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