Movement Questions Suspending Constitution to Keep Biden Out of Office

Movement Questions Suspending Constitution to Keep Biden Out of Office

( – Controversy continues to rage surrounding alleged voting irregularities in the 2020 presidential election. Lawyers working for Republicans and the Trump campaign launched several court cases disputing the results in key battleground states. Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), and others, filed a petition with the US Supreme Court on December 3 asking the court to block certification of Pennsylvania’s election results.

Meanwhile, a movement recently emerged calling for the suspension of the Constitution to block Democratic presidential-hopeful Joe Biden from assuming office as the result of a corrupt election.

Call For Limited Martial Law

On December 1, We the People Convention (WTPC) President and Portage County, Ohio, Tea Party Executive Director Tom Zawistowski, published a full-page advertisement in the Washington Times declaring “Martial Law is better than Civil War.”

Continuing, the ad demanded a new national election. According to them, President Trump has a duty to declare a limited type of Martial Law to suspend the Constitution and civilian control of the presidential election. Then, the military could step in and conduct “fair” elections throughout the country to reflect the “true will” of the American people.

Additionally, they demanded the exclusive use of paper ballots and hand counts — no machines. They also called for photo identification requirements for all voters. In that way, “We the People” could grant consent to the election of the next president.

Their declaration received a huge boost later that day when retired general and former national security advisor for President Trump, Michael Flynn, posted a link to it on his Twitter account, where it received thousands of likes and retweets.

It’s unlikely the president would go to such an extreme. On November 26, he told reporters he would depart the White House if the Electoral College voted in favor of Biden when they meet on December 14. However, Donald Trump is known for breaking norms. So anything is possible.

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