Most Americans Worried About Law & Order

Most Americans Worried About Law & Order

( – A new study shows that law and order is becoming a major worry for most Americans. The poll, released Monday, found that 65% of respondents see lawbreaking as a serious problem; 25% think it’s a minor problem, and just 8% think it isn’t one.

What’s striking is that among whites it’s a partisan issue, with 77% of white Republicans and GOP-leaning independents seeing it as a major issue, compared to 46% of white non-Republicans – but among non-whites who don’t vote Republican, 60% of blacks and 66% of other groups feel it’s a serious issue.

The poll also shows a steady fall in the number of people who think the ongoing protests are justified, and agreement with the anger that’s fueling them is also softening. Even among black non-Republicans, the strongest supporters of the protests, those who agree the anger is justified have fallen from 74% in early June to 58% now.

President Trump has always touted himself as the law and order president, and even back in June, his administration continued to press the message.

It looks like many Americans are getting fed up with the seemingly endless violence, and that could be good news for Trump as the election approaches. The president has taken a strong and consistent line, and as rioting drags on into its fourth month and the BLM movement finds ever more unpleasant martyrs to commemorate, his message is exactly what many people want to hear.

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