More Controversy Surrounds USS Roosevelt

More Controversy Surrounds USS Roosevelt

( – Recently, we told you about sailors aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt testing positive for the coronavirus. Since then, the ship has been shrouded in controversy.

Brett Crozier, captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, became the center of a leadership controversy when he wrote a memo urging officials to take urgent action to protect the ship and its sailors. The memo was somehow leaked to the press, resulting in a serious security breach as it spelled out a weakness in military strength that could easily be exploited to other countries.

Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly responded to the breach by relieving Captain Crozier of his duty and flying to Guam to address the ship’s crew. In his speech, he used harsh words saying if Crozier didn’t know the media would find out about the memo, then he “…was ‘too naive or too stupid’ to be commanding officer of a ship like this.”

Although many Navy personnel believe Cozier acted irrationally, they also believe he should be reinstated. Modly apologized on Tuesday and offered his resignation for making the statement.

In the meantime, the Navy has attempted to move its sailors ashore to the island of Guam but is facing resistance from the local government, who wants sailors to test negative before they move into local hotels.

As of Wednesday, 97% of the over 4,000 crewmembers have been tested with 416 positive results. Of those, one sailor is in ICU at the Naval Hospital in Guam after having been found unresponsive on March 30. The ship’s former captain has also tested positive.

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