Moderna Throws Out 30 Million Vaccines Admitting “Nobody Wants Them”

Moderna Throws Out 30 Million Vaccines Admitting

Moderna CEO Makes a Confession NOBODY Saw Coming

( – Many Liberals are still using COVID-19 to signal their virtue, but most Americans are moving on from the fading pandemic. COVID is still around, but since the rise of the Omicron variant, it’s seen as less dangerous. Now, a big pharma company has announced it’s throwing out vast stockpiles of vaccines because “nobody wants them.”

On May 24, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel told journalists the company is in the process of scrapping 30 million doses of its COVID vaccine nearing their expiry dates. It’s a big change from two years ago, when the world was racing to develop vaccines and get them into production as quickly as possible. Now, most people have had at least two shots and those who haven’t generally don’t want them, leaving companies like Moderna sitting on large quantities of vaccines that are, suddenly, no longer in demand.

Bancel said Moderna has contacted numerous countries through its Washington embassies, offering vaccines, but nobody wants them. He pointed out that two years ago there was no capacity to manufacture mRNA vaccines; now Moderna can manufacture three billion doses a year and Pfizer can make another four billion.

China doesn’t want mRNA vaccines, preferring its own Sinovac product, so the global market is saturated. With government vaccine mandates failing or being abandoned, it turns out most people are putting COVID behind them and moving on with their lives.

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