Mob Of Kids Attack Women In Democrat City

Photo by Matt Popovich on Unsplash

( – In a posh neighborhood in San Francisco, Noe Valley, widely recognized for its concentration of young families, incidents of mothers and nannies being assaulted and robbed by children wielding bats have recently surfaced. The area, often dubbed “stroller alley” due to the sheer number of toddlers around, has reported 11 cases of phone thefts in the past week. Authorities are attributing these incidents to a group of teenagers who have been reportedly targeting women fetching their kids from school.

In the last week, two women have lodged complaints about being victimized by these bat-armed youngsters. One alleged to have been struck with a bat, while the other suffered a facial hit. An underage individual was detained last week, suspected to be involved in the series of phone thefts, which is an ongoing subject of investigation.

San Francisco’s government official, Rafael Mandelman, from the Board of Supervisors, suggested that the youths’ involvement in criminal activities might be a repercussion of the pandemic and the related school closures. He pointed out that this period triggered immense stress and has notably affected the vulnerable segments of the community. He would not find it astonishing if the pandemic continues to shape the sociological dynamics of future generations.

Data indicates that while there hasn’t been a substantial change in the area’s rates of violent crime like assault or rape over the years, there has been a mild surge in homicide rates and a drastic upswing in property crimes since 2019.

Charles “Cully” Stimson, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation and an ex-prosecutor in San Francisco, claims that the crime statistics might be understated as many individuals avoid reporting crimes. He attributes this reticence partly to the local DA’s perceived pro-criminal stance, which is viewed as dissuading proactive law enforcement against criminal activities.

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