MLK Jr’s Niece Says Abortion Should Be Left Up To The States

MLK Jr's Niece Says Abortion Should Be Left Up To The States

( – The future of Roe v. Wade is once again uncertain. A deeply divided Supreme Court heard arguments over the 1973 law’s validity on December 1 in response to Mississippi’s hotly debated law that bans abortion after 15 weeks. Now, the niece of late human rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. is also stepping up to join the conversation.

Alveda King Speaks Out

King, who is herself an activist and a former representative for Georgia, spoke to reporters at Just The News in an exclusive interview published on December 1. She also traveled to Washington the same day in a bid to witness the debate within the Supreme Court of Mississippi’s controversial 15-week law, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Alveda King suspects the Supreme Court will use the current hearing as an opportunity to review the rationale for enacting Roe v. Wade in the first place. She also expressed hope over the fact that six Conservative judges seemed primed to support the state’s right to choose.

But this solitary case is far from King’s only motivator. The long-term anti-abortion activist feels that, “anybody who is a rational thinker, or a sincere heart, who cares about human dignity… knows that it’s time to overhaul [Roe v. Wade]”

What truly drives King’s desire to change legislation has less to do with a woman’s right to determine her own fate and more to do with the law and advances in science.

Problems With Roe v. Wade

King’s primary complaint is that Roe v. Wade contains “many holes.” She told the John Solomon Reports podcast much of the facts the law is based on have long since been refuted. For example, in 1973, scientists cast doubt on whether a fetus was truly a person or just a collection of cells. King feels that 3D and 4D imaging, both newer technologies, provide a firm answer to that question.

The activist also says doctors know far more about how damaging abortion is to a woman’s body. The procedure carries a heightened risk of everything from permanent sterility to hemorrhagic bleeding, infection, and even death.

King’s take here isn’t surprising. The staunch anti-abortion activist also spearheads Civil Rights for the Unborn. The organization attempts to educate the public on the risks of abortion while also advocating to steep changes to the law.

King Wants States to Hold Power

Despite her decidedly anti-abortion stance, King isn’t ready to have the federal government take away the right to choose entirely. Instead, she would see states hold the power to determine their own fates in the matter. Thus, if a state wanted to ban abortion entirely, they would have that right.

“Let’s give it back to the people,” she said. “Let the people really consider the issue and make those decisions state by state.”

King makes another good point in the same interview — one that’s surprisingly centrist, given that the activist was once a Democrat. States had the right to determine whether to honor Martin Luther King Jr. in a holiday at the time leaders suggested it. The federal government did not attempt to force the issue on the people. Instead, they respected states’ right to choose. That’s all she’s asking for now.

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