Mississippi Carries Out First Execution in 9 Years

Mississippi Carries Out First Execution in 9 Years

(TargetLiberty.org) – Mississippi ended a nine-year pause on capital punishment last Wednesday, executing a murderer who sexually abused his victim’s daughter in front of her as she died.

On November 17, David Neal Cox, age 50, became the first man to be executed in Mississippi since Gary Carl Simmons in 2012. In 2010, Cox, after being recently released on charges of sexually abusing his stepdaughter, went to his estranged wife’s home and shot her. An eight-hour standoff with cops followed – during which time Cox abused his stepdaughter again as his wife lay dying on the floor.

Cox was sentenced to death in 2012 after admitting to all charges, including capital murder and sexual assault. Before his execution, Cox gave up his appeals and submitted a court filing stating he was “worthy of death.” On Tuesday, State Corrections Commissioner Burl Cain confirmed that his department had obtained the drugs needed for a lethal injection; on Wednesday, Cox was strapped to a gurney and injected. With his last words, he thanked Commissioner Cain for “being very kind” to him.

Cox’s stepdaughter, now 23, was there to see her abuser die. Last week, she said when she found out Cox wanted to get his execution over with, she wasn’t happy about it – but then said, “I guess I’m OK with it now.”

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