Minor Explosion Rocks Putin’s Car in Possible Assassination Attempt

Minor Explosion Rocks Putin's Car in Possible Assassination Attempt

Possible Assassination Attempt SHAKES Putin To His Core

(TargetLiberty.org) – Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there was a report of an attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s life — and it wasn’t the first. According to The Sun, there have been a total of six such unsuccessful assassinations. Rumor has it, that the latest one occurred on September 14.

The Telegram reported Putin was riding home with his motorcade when an ambulance blocked their path. The second car in the procession pulled around the emergency vehicle when there was allegedly a “loud bang from the left front wheel” of the vehicle carrying the Russian president.

Smoke billowed into the air following the sound, and the incident caused apparent control problems, but the driver managed to get Putin safely to his destination. The timing is interesting because it coincides with many officials in Russia calling for the leader’s resignation after his troops lost thousands of miles of territory back to Ukraine.

To that end, the news source also reported some of Putin’s bodyguards were taken into custody after the alleged incident, and a couple of others just “disappeared.” The Russian president seems to be alive and well, and the Kremlin has denied any such attempt on Putin’s life occurred.

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