Miners Could Be Impacted By Latest Biden Plan

Miners Could Be Impacted By Latest Biden Plan

(TargetLiberty.org) – The Democrats’ so-called “Green New Deal” already looked like a disaster for the US economy, but it just got even worse. As well as devastating the energy industry, miners are also likely to take a hit.

President Biden’s plans for a green energy revolution threaten to wipe out our oil and gas industries. In exchange, he’s promised to create thousands of new jobs building the technology for a new, renewable-based energy infrastructure. The question is, where will those jobs be? In the US, or in foreign countries that are trying to overtake US industries that have made us a great nation?

Switching away from fossil fuels means the requirement of millions of electric vehicles, and building these requires tons of copper, lithium and other strategic materials. Many of these could be mined in the US – but Biden reportedly wants to offshore the mining work and focus on making parts here. Why? Because members of his own party are blocking the opening of new US mines on environmental grounds.

If the COVID pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that we need to be more self-sufficient; relying on imports can be dangerous. Sadly, some on the Left are willing to leave us vulnerable (and leave American workers unemployed) just so they don’t have to compromise their green credentials by approving a new mine.

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