Military Moves To Ban Flag

Military Moves To Ban Flag

( – The issue over the legacy of the Confederate States of America and the US military continued to grow Monday. All the armed services have now agreed to recommend banning displays of Confederate flags on all military bases, ships and other public military spaces. This could lead to a showdown between the Pentagon and President Trump.

The services have been moving towards removing displays of Confederate symbols since last month. The Marine Corps was the first to make a decision, banning any item with the battle flag on it from USMC bases. The Navy soon followed, and then the commander of US Forces in Korea.

Now the service chiefs have agreed on a unified policy that would ban almost all depictions of the battle flag on military property. There are exemptions for tattoos and historical artworks that include the flag, but it would be forbidden for a service person to have, for example, a mug with the flag on it in their office.

The policy now has to be approved by defense secretary Mark Esper – but it’s possible that it won’t be approved by President Trump, who’s determined not to whitewash the Civil War era from American history.

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