Military Families Encouraged to Take Part in 2020 Census

Military Families Encouraged to Take Part in 2020 Census

( – The 2020 Census officially starts next month, and the government wants to make sure that American military members plan on taking part in the important survey.

Officials are hoping that they will have more respondents this year since filling out the form will be much easier. This will be the first time that they can answer questions online. People are expecting that the online option will be particularly popular with active-duty military members because more than 50% of them are in their early 20s.

The Census helps federal officials decide how much money will go to funding things like hospitals and schools, road maintenance and other infrastructure projects.

Any active-duty military members that are currently living abroad will not have to fill out the Census. Instead, the Department of Defense will submit their administrative data.

Whether it’s online or through the mail, don’t forget to do your civic duty and take part in the 2020 Census next month.

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