Military Academies Are Teaching CRT to Our Nation’s Future Leaders

Military Academies Are Teaching CRT to Our Nation's Future Leaders

Military Academies Launch Brainwashing Scheme For Future Leaders

( – Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been one of the hot-button topics of the last year. Republicans like Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) are furiously working to ensure it doesn’t impact our youth. According to, it’s not just affecting elementary and post-secondary schools — it’s also working its way into the military academies. is run by the Legal Insurrection Foundation and reviews school curricula nationwide, including grades K-12 and higher education institutions. The website publishes a list of schools by the state that promote CRT and lists the actions each one has taken. For example, they post what statements the institutions have made on the matter and which programs they offer in their curricula. Viewers can also see CRT funding initiatives as well as news articles about the specific schools and their teachings, if available.

According to William Jacobson, Legal Insurrection’s founder, has discovered that military academies also offer CRT teachings in various programs. Even worse, it has spread to all military branches.

Jacobson points out the good and bad in talking to Fox News Digital. On a positive note, the ideologies “have not yet captured the military service academies” on the same level they affect K-12, professional and higher education schools. The downside is military academies “are likely to expand” the programs they offer and implement a “wokeness campaign from the top down.”

Since these institutions effectively create the future leaders of the United States, characterizing the country as “systemically evil” could come with harsh consequences.

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