Mike Tyson Explains New Political Outlook

Mike Tyson Explains New Political Outlook

Mike Tyson REVEALS Exclusive Transformation – He’s Changing

(TargetLiberty.org) – Boxing legend Mike Tyson welcomes discussions about the political journey he’s making and its effect on his family and friends. The former heavyweight champion admits people “give me a beating” when he talks politics now, but he’s not backing down. So what made a man who said he was once an “all-out liberal” move to the right?

Talking to Newsmax TV host Greta Van Susteren on August 28, Tyson was initially reluctant to discuss his political leanings, telling Van Susteren, “if I start talking politics, my friends are not gonna like me,” but when she kept asking, he admitted that he’s moved to the Right as he’s become older. He said that as he looks at his children, he sees the state of the world, and “I get a little conservative. It’s common sense… you want safety.”

Tyson noted his family and friends “get mad” when he talks about politics, and he also has harsh words for the media. He was reluctant to say what he thinks of specific politicians, although in the past, the boxer openly supported former President Donald Trump. Still, the heavyweight said the press was relentless the last time he gave his opinion. Perhaps American media has a serious bias problem if the mainstream media’s ferocious attacks on Conservatives intimidate even Mike Tyson.

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