Mike Pompeo Warns Republicans About Threats From China

Mike Pompeo Weighs in on Dangers of Chinese Influence

(TargetLiberty.org) – Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo knows the danger China presents. During the Trump administration, he was tasked with dealing with the Communist country. Recently, he issued a warning to House Republicans about relations with China.

On Wednesday, April 21, Pompeo met with the Republican Study Committee in a closed-door lunch to discuss Iran. During the meeting, lawmakers asked him about China as well. He warned that the country’s biggest goal is to replace the US as the world’s top military and economic leader. Pompeo said it’s not just an “external threat,” adding that “they’re here” and carrying out espionage missions in the US.

Pompeo also said that while so far, President Joe Biden’s message has been good, eventually the Chinese “will hit [the US] in the face” and that’s when the administration will prove if it has “a backbone.” Hopefully, he will do the right thing for America when that time comes.

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