Mike Pence Finally Speaks Out on Election Integrity

Mike Pence Finally Speaks Out on Election Integrity

(TargetLiberty.org) – Former Vice President Mike Pence has spoken out on the need for election integrity – but many Republicans are asking why he waited until now to do it, instead of saying something back in January when Trump was still in office.

Vice President Pence outraged many GOP voters in January when he refused to allow a review of election results in several hotly disputed states. Before the certification, chief of staff Marc Short said in a statement that Pence welcomed lawmakers to “bring forward evidence” about voter fraud. But on January 6, Pence released a statement denying that it was his duty to defer the certification of electors from states where the results were being challenged. He allowed the Electoral College to hand Joe Biden his controversial victory, and then he went quiet.

Apart from some well-publicized tension with his former boss, Pence has kept a low profile since the new administration took over. Now, with Biden in the White House, he’s apparently decided that honest elections do matter after all.

On March 3, Pence wrote an op-ed for The Daily Signal. He said that there were widespread voting “irregularities” and pinned the blame on states where legislatures were overruled by governors and judges – exactly what President Trump was saying at the time. Now, Pence is effectively saying Trump was right to challenge the election result. The question is, why did he wait until now?

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