Mike Pence Exposes Major U.S. Scandal

Mike Pence Backs Republican Efforts to Challenge Electoral College

Many have been pointing out the “double standard” in the handling of cases after a number of classified documents were found in Biden’s office at the Penn Biden Center. Former Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday said that the situation was “troubling” and that this case should be examined with the same vigor as the case with former President Donald Trump whose Mar-a-Lago home was raided and multiple classified documents were found there.

While discussing with talk show host Hugh Hewitt, Pence said that the American people want to see everyone being treated the same in regard to the law. However, that does not appear to be the case since Trump is facing a special counsel, but Biden does not appear to be facing the same scrutiny.

Pence also called the FBI raid in August the “original sin” and said that during his time in the Judiciary Committee for close to 11 years he had never seen the Justice Department ever issue a search warrant against a former President. He added that this was “an overreach.”

The case with Biden’s documents does differ slightly from Trump’s case as the documents were found by Biden’s personal attorneys while they were clearing out the office. Upon finding the documents they immediately called the National Archives and Records Administration who picked up the document the next day. Therefore, unlike Trump, Biden’s team immediately contacted the appropriate agencies for the handling of the case.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is handling the investigation into the documents recovered from Mar-a-Lago.