Michelle Says Trump’s Actions After Illness Is “Closing Argument” For Biden

Michelle Says Trump's Actions After Illness Is

(TargetLiberty.org) – Former First Lady Michelle Obama launched a vicious personal attack on President Trump on Tuesday, October 6. She accused him of being a racist who didn’t take the novel coronavirus seriously – just one day after he was released from the hospital. Obama has mostly stayed quiet in the campaign so far, but now she’s stepped in with an outspoken defense of Biden to go with her complaints about Trump.

The former first lady made her intervention in a 24-minute video made for Biden’s campaign, which she called her “closing argument.” She accused the president of trying to “gaslight” the country over COVID-19 by pretending it’s not a serious threat, but didn’t mention his own hospitalization.

She went on to call Trump a racist, although she didn’t supply any evidence, and claimed there’s been hardly any violence at the demonstrations that have been tearing American cities apart since May.

The video ended with Obama trying to talk up Biden and claiming he understands everyday life. Biden, who has an estimated net worth of $9 million, has been a career politician for 47 years.

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