Michael Flynn: There’s “Anti-American” Driving FBI and DOJ

Michael Flynn: There's

(TargetLiberty.org) – Former National Security Adviser Lt Gen Michael Flynn blasted the deep state on Wednesday, telling Fox Business that an “anti-American sense” drives officials in several departments and agencies. Flynn says this unpatriotic tendency is what’s behind the relentless attacks on President Trump.

Appearing on “Morning with Maria” on December 9, General Flynn said the rigged FBI investigation into him was “an effort to get Flynn to get Trump,” pushed by the anti-American ideology he says can be found in the Department of Justice, FBI and the intelligence community. He said people should feel sorry for the president and be outraged at what his enemies have tried to do to the country.

Flynn, a former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency who also led the NATO intelligence operation in Afghanistan, was an early casualty of the deep state’s war on President Trump. On November 25 he was pardoned by the president, and the remaining charges against him were dismissed on December 8.

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