Mexico Takes Over U.S. Port

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

( – On Sunday, Alabama Republican Sens. Katie Britt and Tommy Tuberville criticized Mexico’s alleged “seizure” of an Alabama-headquartered port facility located on the Mexican coast.

Vulcan Materials, a U.S. construction firm based in Birmingham, has claimed that the Mexican armed forces had overtaken the dock according to a Bloomberg report.

These claims were later included in Britt’s statement as she stated that the “forcible seizure of private property is unlawful and unacceptable.” She added that it was “shameful” for the Mexican government to focus on confiscating the U.S. assets instead of addressing the fentanyl crisis.

Britt also called for President Biden to take action against the seizure and to “raise this directly with President [Andrés Manuel] López Obrador” in order to show the U.S. public that these types of moves would not “be tolerated.”

The White House informed Bloomberg, who first published the report, that they had been informed about the case.

Both Britt and Tuberville shared security footage that allegedly depicts the Mexican forces taking the Vulcan facility. Vulcan has claimed that the facility has been under occupation since Tuesday. In a statement on Twitter, Tuberville noted that for more than three decades, Vulcan had “operated a limestone quarry in Mexico” which had created jobs for both Mexico and Alabama and yet President López Obrador and the Mexican government repeatedly have tried to undermine Vulcan’s operational abilities in the area.

He too called for action to be taken against the seizure, much like Britt did.

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