Mexican Smugglers Coating Migrants in Dangerous Chemicals

Mexican Smugglers Coating Migrants in Dangerous Chemicals

Mexican Smugglers Adopt PERILOUS New Tactic To Spoof Detection

( – The human traffickers at our southern border have always risked the lives of the people they smuggle into the US. Whether it’s leading them through the desert without proper supplies, or cramming them into poorly ventilated hidden compartments in trucks, they’ve used dangerous methods and racked up a shocking death toll. Now, they’re getting even worse.

According to US Border Patrol agents, the traffickers — often linked to Mexican drug cartels — have started using chemicals to combat searches at the border. In one tactic, migrants are covered with cleaning products or similar chemicals in an attempt to mask their scent and defeat Border Patrol dogs. The cartels have been using the technique on drug shipments for years, with mixed success, but extending it to humans is a dangerous step. The chemicals they use include lime, which is corrosive and can cause serious skin burns. Other chemicals irritate skin or eyes, and some are deadly if swallowed.

Potentially even worse, traffickers have also been using foam sealant to stop human scents from smuggling compartments from reaching the noses of dogs. This effectively makes the compartments airtight, trapping dangerous fumes from other chemicals — and the foam itself — inside. This practice also risks asphyxiating the occupants, and in the hot summer weather, high temperatures inside enclosed spaces can soar to lethal levels.

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