Mexican City Cleans Police Force of 87 Cops for Abuse, Theft, and Extortion

Mexico City Cleans Police Force of 87 Cops for Abuse, Theft, and Extortion

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( – Mexico is infamous for corruption in its local, state, and federal governments. Experts believe one of the reasons drug cartels have flourished in the country is because of the criminal behavior within its legal institutions. One city is cracking down on the problem.

Officials have fired 87 Naucalpan cops in an effort to root out corruption in the police force. The Municipal Preventive Police officers were part of the first phase of a strategy announced by Mayor Angélica Moya Marín in June. El Universal reported the city leader said she hopes to modernize the “corporation to strengthen institutional capacities and implement strategies that improve security” of residents.

Marín also said there would be jobs opening up soon so young people could join the police force and help keep the city safe.

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador campaigned on the promise that he would crack down on corruption in the country. However, he has not done a lot to keep that promise. Officials have had to act on a local level, but that does not come without risks.

In March, attackers gunned down Aguililla Mayor Cesar Valencia three weeks after he celebrated his town being free of cartel violence. Other mayors and city officials have also fallen victim to the drug war over the years.

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