Meth Addict Mother Murder Trial Faces Opposition

Meth Addict Mother Murder Trial Faces Opposition

( – California’s attorney general is trying to stop the prosecution of a woman who killed her unborn baby by taking methamphetamine four days before she was due to give birth. A Hanford, CA woman, Chelsea Becker, delivered a stillborn baby last September. The coroner ruled the death homicide caused by “toxic levels” of meth in the baby’s bloodstream. Becker was arrested and charged with murder in November.

Now AG Xavier Becerra is trying to get the charges against Becker dropped, claiming the King’s County DA misinterpreted the law when he indicted Becker. Becerra says the relevant law, California’s definition of murder, was “intended to protect pregnant women from harm” – but the definition specifically refers to the killing of a fetus.

Becker has a history of drug use while pregnant. All three of her previous children were removed by Child Protective Services for drug-related reasons. Her aunt legally adopted Becker’s son, who was born addicted to methamphetamine.

The DA who charged Becker, Keith L. Fagundes, told reporters, “This case is not about a stillbirth, it is a case about a mother who overdosed a late-term viable fetus.”

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