Memory Loss-Reversing Med Has Positive Impact on Mice

Memory Loss Reversing Med Preparing to Enter Human Trials

( – Hope could be at hand for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease as researchers plan to move to human trials of a new drug. It seems to work in mice – but can it also benefit humans?

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, and up until now, it’s been incurable. That might change, though. An Anglo-German research team has developed a new drug that, hopefully, can protect the brain against the changes that lead to Alzheimer’s. The research suggests it might even reverse the damage that’s already occurred.

Scientists believe Alzheimer’s is caused by an abnormally folded version of a protein called amyloid. The new drug encourages the immune system to create antibodies that will destroy that version, but leave healthy protein unchanged. So far, it’s been tested in two different groups of lab mice with Alzheimer’s-like disease. Not only did it stop the progress of the disease, it also reversed some of the memory loss suffered by the mice.

The researchers, from the University of Leicester in the UK and University Medical Center Göttingen in Germany, warned that it will be a while before the drug is approved for use by humans. It has to go through several stages of clinical trials first to make sure it works and identify any potential side effects. According to The Telegraph, the researchers are currently seeking a commercial partner so they can begin trials. So far, it’s looking positive – and that could make a huge difference to millions of people.

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