McConnell’s Health Getting Worse?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Concerns regarding the health of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell are increasingly evident within the Senate Republican conference, even though current discussions suggest his leadership position remains secure.

Lately, McConnell’s noticeable difficulty during press conferences in Kentucky and Washington has fueled discussions regarding his capability to serve as leader until the upcoming election and possibly when the Senate Republicans potentially reclaim the majority.

Despite these concerns, the GOP leadership expressed their backing for McConnell, committing their support through 2024. However, doubts remain regarding McConnell’s position if the Republicans emerge victorious in the next election.

Senator Rand Paul from the GOP, McConnell’s counterpart from Kentucky, expressed uncertainty about the clarity of McConnell’s health diagnosis.

John Thune, the Senate Republican Whip from South Dakota and the second in command in the Senate GOP leadership, reinforced his complete backing for McConnell. He communicated his recent conversations with the 81-year-old leader, emphasizing that McConnell seemed in good spirits. Thune expects McConnell to address any health concerns with his colleagues soon but refrained from discussing McConnell’s prospects post the next election.

To address growing speculations, McConnell presented a letter from Capitol physician, Dr. Brian Monahan, clarifying that there was no medical evidence pointing to conditions like seizures, stroke, or Parkinson’s disease. This disclosure was widely appreciated by Republican senators, including Sen. John Cornyn from Texas, who belongs to McConnell’s leadership group. Cornyn hinted that McConnell’s health disturbances on camera might link back to a concussion McConnell suffered months earlier.

Instances where McConnell seemed to lose his train of thought on live TV has raised eyebrows, prompting some within the GOP to question if he is the ideal representative for the Republican campaign to regain the Senate.

Although some in the Senate GOP ponder the idea of a special meeting to discuss McConnell’s health, both Thune and Cornyn deem it unnecessary, citing regular upcoming lunch meetings as a platform for such discussions.

Sen. Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, who also practices medicine, was skeptical about any current attempts to dethrone McConnell based on his health. And even though McConnell had been rather tight-lipped about his health status earlier, recent incidents forced him to be more transparent, reassuring colleagues of his well-being.

While McConnell acknowledged a recent lapse during a press interaction, he emphasized his active participation throughout the previous month. Up until now, no Republican senator has publicly suggested McConnell relinquish his leadership role. However, a notable exception comes from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who recently stated her reservations about McConnell’s capability to serve. Additionally, The National Review, a respected conservative publication, lauded McConnell’s contributions but hinted it might be time for him to consider stepping down, given the evident health issues.

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