McCarthy Puts Democrats In The Hot Seat

Photo by ElevenPhotographs on Unsplash

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has already started his attack on Senate Democrats who will be seeking reelection in red states. McCarthy is pressuring those Senators to support proposals from the GOP-controlled House. Currently, the Senate has a Democratic majority which could effectively block most Republican proposals.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is now feeling the pressure that McCarthy is putting on the Senate as he will need to decide the extent of political cover that Senators in West Virginia, Montana, and Ohio who are facing reelection should have. For the Democrats, it will be very important to maintain those seats if they want to not lose control of the House in 2024.

However, that has not stopped Schumer from blasting McCarthy for his “extreme” agenda.
During a Fox News interview, McCarthy said that the House Republicans were going to introduce a number of bills dealing with the border crisis, COVID pandemic, and energy crisis. He added that the House Republicans had already started with these efforts and passed legislation that blocked oil sales from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China.

Republican strategists and aides have said that McCarthy is most likely going to continue increasing the pressure that the Democrats are feeling in order to help the legislation that passes through the House be approved by the Senate.

Ron Bonjean, a GOP strategist, also noted that McCarthy had to make many concessions to become the Speaker but now he could use his position to show that the GOP will run the House in a different way.