Mayor U-Turns When Protesters Hit Home

Mayor U-Turns When Protestors Hit Home

( – Controversial Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan has refused to deal with the anarchists occupying the so-called “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” zone. For weeks, there’s been an escalating horror show of criminality, disorder, and now murder within the rebellious area. City police have been asking for permission to reclaim the lawless area and businesses are suing the city council over its inaction.

Durkan has resolutely stood by the anarchists. However, on Sunday, she suddenly changed her mind – because this time it was outside her house where they were protesting.

Durkan has been trying to negotiate with the protesters since last week, but these aren’t people that do negotiation. They just want you to meet all their demands now so they can issue a new list tomorrow. On Sunday, a group of them, including radical city councilwoman Ksaham Sawant, congregated outside Durkan’s home to demand that she either caved into their demands or leave the area alone.

While Durkan was willing to ignore widespread criminality, the murder of teenagers by “CHOP security” gunmen, and the protests of businesses, she drew the line at having her Sunday afternoon disturbed. On Tuesday, the bulldozers moved in and CHOP’s concrete barricades are being systematically dismantled. At last.

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