Mayor of LA Helping Illegal Immigrants

Mayor of LA Helping Illegal Immigrants

( – Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has attracted the attention of President Trump after he tweeted a controversial video.

In the video, Garcetti reminds people that Los Angeles is a sanctuary city and that they don’t cooperate with ICE. He then goes on to inform illegal immigrants that they don’t have to open their door to ICE agents without a warrant and they should speak to a lawyer before signing any papers.

Los Angeles is having tons of problems right now. People are becoming homeless at an alarming rate, taxes seem to be rising by the day and there are hundreds of active gangs.

With a Mayor like Garcetti in charge of one of California’s biggest cities, it’s no surprise that more than 200,000 people left California last year to live in another state.

Garcetti needs to get his act together and put the safety of his citizens first.

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