Mayor Forced Out of Home to Escape “Peaceful Protesters”

Mayor Forced Out of Home to Escape

( – The mayor of one of America’s most solidly Democrat cities has abandoned her family home after being targeted by far-left protesters. Lyda Krewson (D), who has been mayor of St Louis, MO, since 2017, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch she and her husband moved into a rented apartment two months ago, following a series of protests outside their house through the summer.

Krewson seems to have been targeted after she read out the names and addresses of people who had written to her demanding the St. Louis Police Department’s entire budget should be cut and redirected to social services. In one protest, on June 28, around 500 Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters broke into a gated community in search of the mayor’s house and sparked a notorious confrontation with armed homeowners.

While the Left insists the protests in US cities have been mostly peaceful, Krewson says her neighbors were being “disturbed and threatened” by the mob. “I ran for this job – my neighbors did not,” she said.

Krewson isn’t the only left-wing mayor to be hounded at home for not being left-wing enough. Ted Wheeler in Portland, OR, and Muriel Bowser in Washington, DC, have also faced protests outside their houses.

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