Mayor ARRESTED For Burglary

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – Khalid Kamau, mayor of South Fulton in Georgia, was booked on charges of criminal trespassing and burglary in the first degree on Sunday morning after he had entered a house that he had believed to be abandoned. After being booked in, he was released on a $11,000 bond by the Fulton County Jail on Saturday night.

After leaving jail, Kamau spoke with reporters thanking the law enforcement officers for their services and response. He avoided directly addressing the charges or any of the specifics of the incident. This same policy of remaining silent was also used by the City of South Fulton.

In their statement, The City of South Fulton focused on their overall commitment to ensuring the law was upheld regardless of the position held by the individual that broke the law. They proceeded to note that as the investigation was ongoing they did not have any additional details regarding this case.

Kamau stated that he had an interest in viewing abandoned houses and that he believed the house he was entering was abandoned. He revealed to Fox 5 Atlanta that he apologizes to the property owners for entering the property. Sources also stated the property owners had held him at gunpoint, but these claims were not confirmed by the police.

The mayor while being taken to a police cruiser also apologized for the negative publicity this incident would bring to their city. When asked whether he was going to admit to being guilty, Kamau argued that this would be something that the voters got to decide.


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