Mass Stabbing Spree Leaves Dozens Dead or Injured

Mass Stabbing Spree Leaves Dozens Dead or Injured


( – A series of vicious knife attacks has left almost 30 Canadians dead or wounded. Now, one of the suspects has turned up dead. A manhunt for his brother is still on as cops investigate 13 separate crime scenes.

A First Nations community in Saskatchewan, Canada, was swept by violence on Sunday morning, as two brothers armed with knives went door to door stabbing people. Police think the pair specifically targeted some of the victims, while others were attacked at random. All the attacks took place in the James Smith Cree Nation indigenous community and the neighboring town of Weldon, SK. Suspicion quickly settled on brothers Myles and Damien Sanderson, who were believed to have fled to the city of Regina.

The situation got murkier late Monday night when Damien Sanderson was found, dead from gunshot wounds, near a house in James Smith Cree Nation. Police say he could have been killed by his brother, who’s still believed to be in Regina, possibly with a third suspect. Myles Sanderson has a long criminal record, including several violent crimes. Indigenous leader Bobby Cameron believes the crime spree could be drug-related.

Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has launched a crackdown on guns in Canada over the last two years, but the country still has the world’s fifth highest rate of gun ownership. Knives are used in about as many murders as guns. Several types of knives, including push daggers, butterfly knives and automatic knives, are illegal in Canada, but there are no restrictions on fixed-blade knives and folders that need two hands to open.

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