Marine Reportedly Jailed After Slamming Military Leaders Online

Marine Reportedly Jailed After Slamming Military Leaders Online

( – The US Marine officer who blasted military leaders for the bungled Afghanistan withdrawal last month is now in a military jail.

On September 28, the father of Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart Scheller told journalists that his son, who shot to fame in August after posting a Facebook video critical of the chaotic and disorganized withdrawal from Kabul, has now been locked up in the brig to keep him quiet. Stu Scheller Sr says his son is a proud American and dedicated Marine who just wants the Pentagon leadership to face “the same accountability that is expected of him and his men” – but instead, he’s facing a disciplinary hearing and mandatory mental health assessment.

LTC Scheller has threatened to file charges against Gen Kenneth McKenzie Jr, USMC, for the conduct of the withdrawal from Kabul, resulting in NATO allies being caught off-balance by the rapid US withdrawal which also left Afghan staff behind, subjected to the Taliban’s revenge.

A USMC spokesman says Scheller is currently in “pre-trial confinement” at Camp Lejeune, NC, charged with four violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. According to the Marine Corps, no date for the hearing has been set.

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