Marco Rubio Calls on Officials to Be Tougher on China

Marco Rubio Calls on Officials to Be Tougher on China

( – A leading Republican says the US needs to take a harder line with China. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) warned this week that China is an adversary – and Americans need to “wake up.” Are we ready for a new Cold War?

On March 29, Senator Rubio gave a speech to the Heritage Foundation think tank, and while he discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine, his main topic was the threat presented by China and its communist regime. Rubio said that when the history of the 21st century is written, the big story would be the contest between the US and China. He ridiculed the idea that globalization could change the traditional dynamics between powerful, competitive nations, and warned that the country’s rulers “believe in raw power.”

Rubio says it “took far too long” for American politicians to understand the reality of China, and thanked former President Donald Trump for bringing the issue into the public debate. However, he said, too many Americans are still shielding the communist country. He said Wall Street and businesses are lobbying against legislation that harms Chinese interests, while woke politics – like the recent scrapping of a task force dedicated to catching Chinese spies – also favor the Beijing regime.

Now Rubio – who has access to intelligence on China through his job on the Senate Intelligence Committee – says the US needs “unity and clarity” if we’re going to deal with the Chinese threat. If anyone can provide needed unity it’s the GOP, and Rubio is positioning himself as the leader of the China hawks.

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