Marco Rubio Blasts Jan. 6 Committee, Shuns Them As a “Complete Partisan Scam”

Marco Rubio Blasts Jan. 6 Committee, Shuns Them As a

( – A Republican senator has slammed the House’s January 6 committee for political bias, arguing while justice needs to be done, the right place for it isn’t a politicized committee out to smear as many Republicans as possible.

On February 6, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) told CBS’s “Face the Nation” that anyone who broke the law during last January’s Capitol riots should be prosecuted, and pointed out that’s what’s happening. However, he said, “the January 6th commission is not the place to do this. That’s what prosecutors are supposed to do.”

Rubio said the commission is being used as a partisan tool focused on causing as much damage to Republicans as possible, including harassing people who weren’t even in Washington, DC that day. When host Margaret Brennan tried to divert him by asking about the two Republican members of the Commission – Representatives Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) – Rubio stressed it’s the commission as a whole that’s doing this.

The main charge Rubio laid against the commission is it’s expanding its purview to look beyond the actual riot, and persecuting Americans who were involved in legitimate political discourse. He finished by dismissing the heavily-biased committee, which is made up of seven Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans, as “a complete partisan scam.”

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