Man Stuns Everyone By Breaking Crazy Record

Man Stuns Everyone By Breaking Crazy Record

( – Since 1955, people have been trying to break strange records and gain a spot in the book of Guinness World Records. Many people take advantage of the publication to get their 15 minutes of fame. However, an Idaho man just broke a strange record in order to promote a good cause.

David Rush isn’t an ordinary man. He recently set a record for something weird: balancing toilet paper on his head.

Rush balanced 101 rolls of toilet tissue on his head in order to promote STEM education in schools. He said it was a difficult task because toilet paper is soft and harder to keep in place. To balance the rolls, he put one on his forehead, then created an inverted pyramid with cardboard in between rows. He then stacked a pyramid on top of that. Once they were all on his head, he balanced his way into history.

The new record holder tries to break one Guinness record every week. So far, he’s broken more than 200, including:

  • walking the furthest distance with a baseball bat on his chin;
  • balancing the most glasses on a stick in his mouth, and;
  • the most caramel corn caught in his mouth in a minute.

On his website, the MIT graduate explained there’s a shortage of programmers, scientists, and engineers in America, so he’s trying to get kids interested in the field. He also said he wants kids to believe in themselves so they have the courage to move forward, even after failing. That’s what Rush does when he breaks the records. Even though he fails repeatedly while trying to break records, he doesn’t give up until he has succeeded.

Raising awareness for STEM education makes Rush’s record-breaking attempts worth it.

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