Man Shoots Fridge After Soda Can Explodes

Man Shoots Fridge After Soda Can Explodes

( – The year 2021 was full of weird news stories. Doctors released a case study about a man with tapeworms in his brain. People who purchased Jobsite Pro Wireless Earphones received news they were recalled after reports of fires. And then, there was the guy in Washington who killed a refrigerator.

Over the summer, Yakima police officers arrested a man after he shot at a fridge. According to reports, the man was putting pop into the appliance when a soda can exploded. He thought someone was shooting at him so he fired back. The police responded to the scene and found the man in an alleyway “yelling incoherently” with the firearm on the ground next to him.

Police took the man into custody. He told officers he shot the refrigerator because he heard a gunshot. Then he said something really weird; he told police he thought the alleged gunshot came from the basement. The man said someone living down there was threatening to kill him.

There was a problem with the man’s story, though – aside from the pop can explosion. There wasn’t a basement at the home.

The man was charged with discharging a firearm and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm. Hopefully, he received the help he needed to ensure he never shoots a random kitchen appliance again.

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