Man Put in Coma After Getting Stung 20,000 Times

Man Put in Coma After Getting Stung 20,000 Times

Total NIGHTMARE – Man In Coma After Getting Stung 20,000 TIMES

( – An Ohio man was left fighting for life last month after being stung by a massive swarm of bees. He suffered more than 20,000 stings after disturbing their nest. He escaped with his life — but it was a close shave.

On August 26, Austin Bellamy was in his grandmother’s yard pruning a lemon tree when he accidentally cut into the foliage that was hiding a beehive. Unfortunately for him, the hive was full of Africanized honey bees, and they swarmed out and attacked. Witnesses said the insects covered him like “a black blanket.” By the time firefighters were able to get him off the ladder and evacuate him, he’d been stung more than 20,000 times; if that wasn’t enough, he had even swallowed 30 of them.

Africanized bees are a hybrid of normal honey bees and the East African lowland honey bee. Their stings are no worse than ordinary ones, but the insects are much more aggressive, and victims are often stung thousands of times by a furious swarm. They’re known to have killed around 1,000 people since the first swarm escaped in Brazil in 1957. Luckily for Bellamy, he didn’t become the latest bee-related fatality. After over four days in a medically-induced coma, he woke up on August 31, and doctors now say he’ll make a full recovery.

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