Man Horrified After Creepy Discovery at Gravesite

Man Horrified After Creepy Discovery at Gravesite

( – When a person visits a graveyard, they expect to see the standard sights: flowers and gravestones. Every once in a while, someone might come across other mementos, like a family photograph, trinkets or even a bottle of alcohol. Hair is not typically on that list, but that’s what one California man found.

Joel Morrison was at the Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery in Sacramento when he came upon a 100-year-old grave. He noticed something odd coming out of the tombstone, and when he got a closer look, he realized it it appeared to be human hair. In a viral TikTok video of his discovery, viewers can hear him say, “There is the person’s hair coming out of the crack!”

Morrison spoke to Jam Press about his discovery, saying he felt bad for the relatives of the deceased, worrying they were “being disrespected or desecrated in some way.” He was concerned about the “upkeep of the cemetery.”

The 37-year-old handyman went on to say he later realized a nearby tree’s roots might have caused the disturbance to the grave by cracking it. He believes that after the crack occurred animals got into the hole and brought the hair up to the surface. Morrison even said he thinks squirrels or some other rodent might have tried to nest in the hair.

Morrison plans to take a sample of the hair to give to the coroner to see if it belongs to a human. He left the graveyard and when he returned the next day, the hair was gone.

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