Man Goes to Prison for Making Neighbors Miserable With Horse Noises

Man Goes to Prison for Making Neighbors Miserable With Horse Noises

( – A man in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, has been jailed for three and a half years – for torturing his neighbors with horse noises. It’s one of the strangest cases of antisocial behavior we can recall.

On July 19, Russian media reported that 46-year-old Yuri Kondratyev had been found guilty of torturing at least two people and sentenced to 42 months in prison. This makes him the first person in Russian history convicted of inflicting mental suffering on neighbors.

It seems the problem began after Kondratyev’s wife left him in 2018. The lonely singleton turned to classical music to ease his pain, playing it at high volume until far into the night. His neighbors asked him to turn it down; instead, he switched from classical to German industrial metal. Finally, he ditched music altogether and started banging on his furniture and playing barnyard sounds.

Unsurprisingly, Kondratyev’s neighbors were questioning his sanity by this point, but the horse lover found a doctor who disagreed – and gave him a certificate confirming his sanity. His neighbors decided that if he wasn’t insane, he was antisocial, and they called the cops. The police didn’t exactly rush to their aid either, but finally, after more than 80 complaints, Kondratyev was arrested and charged with torture. Now his neighbors can finally sleep at night.

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