Man Dies After Being Bitten By Alligator in Infested Lake

Man Dies After Being Bitten By Alligator in Infested Lake

Alligator ATTACK – Tragic Death Of Man In Alligator-Infested Lake

( – A Florida man has died in a suspected alligator attack. Cops have identified him as a homeless frisbee collector with a reputation for wading in a reptile-infested lake.

Around 8 a.m. on May 31, a dog walker in a Largo, Florida park made a gruesome discovery of a corpse floating near the shore of the park’s lake. When cops responded they found the body, which had “injuries related to alligators” floating just feet from a frisbee. Police have identified the victim as 47-year-old homeless man, Sean Thomas McGuinness, a well-known regular at the park.

A park manager said McGuinness had a habit of ignoring the “No Swimming” signs posted around the 53-acre lake, despite the signs bearing a picture of an alligator.

Officials say McGuinness regularly entered the water to collect stray frisbees from the disc golf course next to the lake. He would then sell the frisbees to park visitors.

After he was caught in the water in April, he was warned that any further violations of the no-swimming rule would earn him a ban from the park. It seems he tried to get around that; park staff believe he had gone frisbee collecting before the park opened for the day, and probably hadn’t been in the water long before his body was found. County parks director Paul Cozzie said that’s “not a good time to be in any lake, but especially not during alligator mating season.”

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