Man Declared Dead Later Found Alive in Freezer

Man Declared Dead Later Found Alive in Freezer

( – Generally, when bodies are rolled into a morgue, they’re not rolled out breathing. Yet, that’s what happened in India recently.

On November 18, 45-year-old Srikesh Kumar was in a motorcycle accident in Moradabad. The man was taken to a private medical facility where doctors declared him dead. He was then transported to a government hospital where the medical examiner reported he had no heartbeat. Kumar was then rolled into a morgue freezer to await the arrival of his next of kin.

When Kumar’s family arrived six hours later, they noticed something peculiar: he was still breathing. The family took a video, which has since gone viral, showing him moving. His sister-in-law Madhu Bala wondered how something so egregious could have happened. She told reporters the family intends to lodge a complaint.

Doctors were as stunned as the family. Hospital Chief Dr. Shiv Singh told the press he couldn’t call the incident neglect because it was the “rarest of rare cases.” He said the priority of the doctor was to save his life.

As for Kumar, he sadly slipped into a coma. It’s unclear what his current condition is, but hopefully, he makes it out of the hospital alive and conscious.

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