Man Caught Laundering Massive Amounts of Taxpayer Money

Man Caught Laundering Massive Amounts of Taxpayer Money

( – A Massachusetts man has been arrested for swindling the federal government out of over half a million dollars in COVID-19 relief funds, then using the money to buy classic cars — and an alpaca farm.

On May 4, 57-year-old Dana McIntryre was arrested on wire fraud and money laundering charges by federal cops. The Department of Justice says McIntyre, who owned a pizza parlor in Beverly, MA, applied for a Payroll Protection Plan loan. In his application, however, he submitted a falsified tax form and claimed the restaurant had almost 50 employees, when it really had fewer than 10.

Prosecutors say the scam netted McIntyre a loan of over $660,000. He then closed the pizza parlor, moved to Vermont, bought at least two cars – including a 1950 Hudson – and used the rest of the money to buy a farm and a herd of alpacas.

Wrongly, the loan was signed off by the Small Business Administration. The SBA should have realized that McIntyre was massively inflating his payroll to defraud the system, but yet again, an inefficient bureaucracy resulted in someone defrauding the taxpayers out of a huge sum of money.

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