Man Arrested For Threatening FBI Agent

Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, federal prosecutors announced that they had arrested a Texas man who had threatened an FBI agent that was part of the investigation into the laptop of Hunter Biden. 

Timothy Muller had allegedly harassed the FBI agent over the phone after Biden ended up convicted on three felony counts all related to the firearm he had purchased illegally during his time abusing substances. The prosecutors revealed that Muller had threatened the agent that there was nowhere he would hide. 

He had then proceeded to claim that former President Donald Trump was going to win reelection and that he would start by throwing all of the FBI agents into jail. He then argued that they could steal another election which would only result in them taking the guns out and hunting them down for being treacherous. 

Apart from the phone call he had also sent the agent a number of threatening texts in which he had questioned how his family was and if they were safe. 

Muller is now facing charges for sending threats against a federal official, if he is found guilty he could spend up to 10 years in prison. 

Hunter Biden’s laptop had been at the center of the investigation as it contained important personal information. The Republicans had seized the laptop previously and have publicly distributed content from it. 

Hunter Biden had dropped the laptop off at a laptop repair store in April 2019 and had never gone to pick it up. The owner later admitted that he had reviewed the material on the laptop before calling the GOP to share the content with them. 

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