Mall of America Goes Into Lockdown After Gunshots Heard

Mall of America Goes Into Lockdown After Gunshots Heard

SHOTS FIRED At Mall Of America – Police Swoop In To Save The Day

( – The biggest mall in the US was locked down last week after shots were fired inside the shopping complex. Nobody was injured in the incident, but armed police responded, and shoppers had to shelter in place until the situation was resolved.

Around 6 p.m. on August 4, a gunman fired at least three shots inside the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Hundreds of visitors were forced to take cover inside stores as a security lockdown went into effect. Bloomington police quickly arrived at the scene and confirmed to journalists that shots had been fired. Later, they reported the suspect had escaped from the mall on foot.

While nobody was injured in the incident, active shooter incidents like this are depressingly familiar. Fear of mass shootings is growing as this class of crime becomes more frequent. Before 2011, the US saw a mass shooting — defined as one where four or more people are shot — every 200 days on average. Now it’s every 64 days, around three times as often.

People caught up in the Mall of America incident say they felt safe and the security response was rapid and effective. Following the shooting, police revealed that two groups were fighting outside a store when someone opened fire. There were no injuries reported.

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