Majority of New Yorkers Say Andrew Cuomo Should Not Run Again

Majority of New Yorkers Say Andrew Cuomo Should Not Run Again

( – It seems that New York’s controversial governor has worn out his welcome, after a new poll showed that a majority of the state’s voters want him to quit after his current term – or even sooner.

A new poll taken between June 22-29 shows that well over half of NY voters don’t want to see Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) run for re-election next year. The survey, carried out by Siena College, found that 39% of voters want Cuomo to step down at the end of his current term in office – while 23% said he should quit immediately.

Cuomo has achieved the rare feat of bringing about bipartisan unity – Democrats and Republicans both want him to resign. The poll found that voters have several concerns about the governor, including allegations that he’s sexually harassed female staffers and his mismanagement of the COVID pandemic. Many New Yorkers are outraged that he forced state nursing homes to take in COVID sufferers, then allegedly tried to hide the deaths caused by his policies. Meanwhile, 42% believe investigators will find evidence of sexual harassment by the governor.

Overall, it seems the state is ready for Cuomo to go. Just 33% of voters think he should stand for re-election – and only 35% will vote for him if he does. Cuomo and his advisers are standing firm for now, but it looks like, after three terms in the governor’s mansion, his time is finally running out.

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