Major Fire Endangers America’s Air Quality

Photo by Malachi Brooks on Unsplash

( – Over 100 blazes have been reported with the start of Canada’s wildfire season. This was only a few months after the previous season ended in October, which had seen a record number of blazes. 

Axios reported that the 146 blazes have led to a number of evacuations and that across western Canada and some U.S. states, there have been alerts about the air quality levels dropping. Authorities have also warned that the dry conditions could make it more challenging to handle the blazes. 

According to the Canadian Interagency Forest Centre around 100 of the blazes are currently under control, while the remaining 40 are “out of control.” 

On Monday several states including Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and some areas in Michigan and Wisconsin have reported that the air quality levels have dropped to “unhealthy.” 

On Monday it is forecasted that there will be strong winds which could result in one town in western Canada having to deal with an intense wildfire. The winds have in large part been responsible for the out-of-control blazes and have resulted in thousands of people being instructed to evacuate their homes. 

The British Columbia Wildfire Service argued that the blaze was burning around 1.2 miles northwest of Fort Nelson and that on Friday an evacuation order was issued for around 3,500 people. 

Last year Canada had a record number of wildfires which also resulted in many areas in the U.S. having low air quality and high levels of smoke. Over 250,000 Canadians had been made to evacuate their communities.

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