Mainstream Media Scared To Death About This Happening

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

( – On Tuesday, former senior adviser to former President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway argued that President Biden’s handling of reporters might be what leads to his downfall.

During a segment of “The Brian Kilmeade Show,” Conway clarified that many of the mainstream media outlets were picking apart Biden over his negative attributes. This includes his reportedly explosive temper that causes him to yell at aides, or his avoidance to talk about his seventh grandchild or to acknowledge her existence.

Conway proceeded to say during the show that she believed this has led to the “fissures” appearing. She added that the Biden administration was not good when it came to the handling of mainstream media which is going to cost them.

She proceeded to argue that there is no one in the federal government who is providing them with stories or giving them the truth, and President Biden himself is often yelling at members of the press or being offended by the questions being asked. She argued that President Biden is far more preoccupied with continuing to protect and cover for his son and family.

The polling from the different media outlets has also clearly shown that around one-third of Democrats are actually considering options other than President Biden. This means that they are considering and even placing bets on whether or not Biden is going to make it. Finally, she added that they are worried about the possibility that they might be unable to stop Trump from being reelected, and they don’t yet understand the demographic that voted for Trump. Still, they won’t ensure that they will not be on the wrong side with their approach.

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