Mainstream Media Exposes Biden’s Dark Secret

Photo by Namroud Gorguis on Unsplash

( – Greg Kelly, a Newsmax anchor during the ‘Greg Kelly Reports’ on Tuesday, teased that they would be releasing a damning audio tape of President Joe Biden. As he stated Biden had a “big mouth” which was going to get him in trouble.

He added that from what he has been told about the tape by people who know about it, the audio-tape contains indisputable evidence that Joe Biden is corrupt. As he argued, this audio tape is going to be made public soon. He added that the tape was going to be released at some point between Labor Day and Halloween and that he was also not aware of who would be making the tape available to the public. However, as he claimed, the White House was aware of the existence of the tape and its circulation.

Kelly provided very little information about what the tape is concerning and only noted a rough timeline for its release. However, he did argue that the publication of the tape is going to force President Biden to step down from the 2024 presidential race, especially following the increased attacks he has been facing from the Republicans, including threats from the House Republicans that they were going to be impeaching him.

The House GOP has also been investigating the Biden family over their foreign business activities. On Tuesday, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene argued that should an impeachment for Biden occur now, one of the first people to vote yes would be House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

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